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How the Beach Soothes Our Mind, Body, and Soul

How the Beach Soothes Our Mind, Body, and Soul

One of the most common things people say when they're stressed is “I just want to go sit on a beach somewhere for a week!” As it turns out, there are plenty of reasons that a beach escape may be just what we need to bring down our stress levels and make us feel better. Mother Nature provides everything we need and all we have to do is show up, soak it in, and enjoy.


Here are a few reasons why going to the beach is good for your body and soul, and how to make the most of your day at the shore...


“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch it, we are going back from whence we came.”



GROUNDING OR EARTHING- Having our feet in direct contact with the ground by walking barefoot in nature has shown to improve moods and increase energy. So kick off your shoes and feel that sand between your toes.


NEGATIVE IONS- The air at the beach is filled with negative ions which have multiple health benefits. Studies have shown improvement in the mental state of people with seasonal affective disorder after therapy using negative ionizers. Walk onto the beach and take several deep breaths and take in all the beautiful beneficial air.


MINDFULNESS- It's amazing how sitting and staring out at the the water for long periods of time never results in boredom. As we listen to the rhythm of rolling waves, the repetitive sound of the crashing surf, and hear the calls of shore birds we begin to naturally relax into a meditative state. This natural mindful meditation produces positive psychological benefits that can last long after you get home. Take some time to consciously be aware of all the elements in your surroundings that contribute to this calming effect on your body and mind.    


EXERCISE- What better place than the beach to take in all the benefits of exercise has on your body and mind? No special equipment needed to bodysurf, swim, or simply take a stroll along the shore. 


SEROTONIN- Sunlight has been found to trigger serotonin, the chemical in the brain which is associated with improving our moods and helping us feel calm. Who doesn’t feel better on a sunny day? 


THE COLOR BLUE- Blue represents calmness, serenity, and peacefulness so it's no wonder we feel a sense of ease casting our gaze towards the deep blue sea.  


Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do by Wallace J. Nichols

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Gift From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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What's your favorite part about going to the beach? Do you have any tips to add to the list of ways you like to experience its healing benefits ? Let us know in the comments!

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