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How To Wash Your Swimsuit So It Lasts and Lasts...

Show your swimwear some love with these simple washing and drying tips. Your suits will be sure to love you back for many seasons to come...




  • Always read the label (some fabrics may have specific care instructions
  • Hand wash A.S.A.P. even if you just sunbathe (sunscreens, body oils, and deodorants can harm fabric)
  • Soak for at least 30 min in cool water and a mild swimwear specific detergent 
  • DIY and fill a sink with 1/4 cup white vinegar and cool water.


  • Don't use regular detergent (it may be too harsh for delicate fibers)
  • Avoid washing in a machine (agitation can stretch, tangle, bunch fabric, lining, and padding)
  •  Don't soak the suit overnight as it may loosen and sag fibers




  • Gently press swimsuit between towel to remove excess water
  • Lay flat to dry in shade
  • Make sure suit is completely dry before storing away


  • Don't wring dry or twist tightly
  • Never ever put in dryer
  • Don't dry in sun may fade color
  • Don't hang to dry it may stretch or change shape of suit
Dedicate one suit to jacuzzi or pool (if you go in regularly for laps, etc.)
 Rinse before going into chlorinated water (fabric won't absorb as much chlorine)
Don't sit on rough surfaces, always sit on a towel!

 Fragrance-Free Swimwear Laundry Detergent by Roux Maison and SWIM™ Swimsuit Cleaner from Molly's Suds are both great non-toxic detergent options






We hope you'll give these swimsuit washing and drying tips a try! For more articles like this one, make sure you're signed up for our emails below! 
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