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About Us

Meet The Founders

Bambina is owned and operated by mother-daughter duo Janet St Cyr and Diana Kerins.

Diana's love for all things beach, travel, and summer combined with Janet's passion for eco-living and creating beauty, meld perfectly to shape what is Bambina. 

Together, they’re proud to bring their designs to life to help women feel and look their best.

Our Mission

Creating beautiful quality pieces that fit perfectly into any woman’s travel wardrobe and giving her the confidence that she’s packed just the right pieces is our goal!

Comfort, Confidence, Beauty

All the things a woman wants to feel when she slips into her swimsuit are what guide Bambina’s designs. Luxurious fabrics that feel soft against the skin and gorgeous colors make her feel amazing and want to live in them.

The Bambina woman loves to travel and is ready for anything…bathing on a sun-drenched beach, sailing out to sea, or immersing herself in local culture. Her wanderlust spirit will take her anywhere from vibrant cities to remote beaches where she finds wonder, adventure, and inspiration at every turn.

Why We Care

The role we play in creating positive change in the world, as well as our impact on the environment is something we take very seriously.

Although we’re not perfect, we strive to base every decision on sustainability and how to do better. Respecting Mother Nature and her inhabitants is a top priority from the fabrics we choose to our production partners and everything in between.

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