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Amber colored perfume bottle against background of blue sky and pink flower

3 Perfumes That Will Have You Breathin' Easy


WE'VE DISCOVERED THREE PERFUME BRANDS THAT SMELL AMAZING AND DON'T ADD TOXINS TO THE AIR WE BREATHE.   Scents have such an intimate connection to the human brain and have the ability to make us feel joyful, sensual, calm, or energized. 

Wearing a beautiful scent can boost your mood and confidence but unfortunately, many chemicals found in perfumes are toxic and harmful. It's alarming that companies are not legally required to let us know what the individual ingredients are in the word "fragrance". 

These proprietary formulas are protected by what is known as "trade secrets" and were created during a time when fragrance houses used only flowers and other natural ingredients and not chemicals. It's time for this to change and perfume companies must be held up to the same standards as other products. 

We've discovered three brands that have created perfumes that are safe, cruelty-free, fair trade, and use eco-friendly packaging. All the things that are important to us! 


This perfume is simply beautiful and so long-lasting. You can sample three fragrances to try at home before you buy a full-size bottle. We sampled Olmsted & Vaux, Ameline, and Siano (which currently is our favorite du jour).


Founded by the actress Michelle Pfeiffer who was inspired to create this perfume after she had children and became extremely mindful of reading labels. Her company also offers samples to purchase and their fragrances come in both bottles and rollerball options which are perfect to pop in a beach bag or purse. We haven't tried this brand yet but it's definitely on the list. 


Amanda Walker wanted to create an alternative to synthetic perfumes and created a 100% USDA organically certified brand. Her signature fragrance Green is described as "....a juicy herbal potion with rose (New York's state flower), black truffle, blue and roman chamomile and an overdose of ylang-ylang with a smooth wood finish."  The recyclable packaging is embedded with plantable flower seeds as a lovely bonus. This brand sounds hard to resist.  

These perfumes are truly a breath of fresh air. If you're passionate about fragrances give these non-toxic all-natural brands a try and let us know what you think. 

Do you have any scent loving friends who would be interested in learning about what may be in their perfume bottle? We'd love it If you shared this with them. 

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