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Fence on beach with plastic bags hanging off side

Love Fashion, Hate Pollution?


WE THOUGHT SO....AND SO DO WE. How could abandoned fishing nets, water bottles, and carpet fluff possibly have anything to do with luxurious swimwear fabric? 

The answer is that creative and visionary companies are recovering ocean plastics, waste carpeting, and plastic bottles and recycling them into fibers that can be used to manufacture new fabrics. These regenerated fibers maintain all the same properties as the original therefore making them ideal to reuse while greatly reducing their environmental impact. 

This product has become an important resource for fabric manufacturers and designers who are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly.

Rachel Ceransky at Vogue Business tells us that "The fabric is prized by brands from Gucci to Prada for its physical resemblance to traditional nylon and the transparency of its production process."

 As we strive towards sustainability, Bambina is excited to announce we'll be creating our new collection using these innovative fabrics to bring you beautiful and eco-friendly swimwear.  

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