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White gauzy fabric with stripped design

What's Deadstock and Why are We Using it?


Fabric manufacturing and the fashion industry as a whole unfortunately generate large amounts of "unusable" material that often ends up buried in landfills or is incinerated...

This fabric is called ‘deadstock’ because it’s not considered part of the inventory used for production and just gets put aside or disposed of. It originates from many different sources such as over estimated needs by designers and mills, waste from garment cutting rooms, and even from movie sets.

Deadstock is often perfectly usable, beautiful fabric and we love the idea of giving it a new life through our collections. Using it eliminates creating new virgin material, reduces water and energy consumption, and of course rescues it from being destroyed giving it at least one more lifecycle. 

We were inspired to create our first collection of cover-ups from our finds at FabScrap, a New York City based company that’s helping to solve the commercial fabric waste problem. Fabscrap receives deadstock from local designers and manufacturers and sorts through it at their warehouse in Queens. Any non-proprietary fabric is sold at their Chelsea store or online, and any proprietary material is recycled. Learn more about the amazing things they’re doing here.

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