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Meet The Founders

Meet The Founders

“Mothers and daughters together are a powerful force to be reckoned with”
Melia Keeton-Digby
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Hi! We’re Diana and Janet, the mother-daughter duo behind Bambina. We’re so happy you’re here and wanted to take a moment to give you a glimpse into our story...

It all began circa 1992 when Diana was about 4 years old and made a one-piece swimsuit for her doll out of green construction paper. Janet was so impressed at how realistic Diana’s creation was-it’s a moment we both still remember and like to think that maybe it set our subconscious wheels in motion to one day start a swimwear company! 

We’ve both always been creative people with entrepreneurial spirits and took sewing lessons together when Diana was growing up. Our home was a place where creativity was always flowing, crafts were being made, and holiday decorations were plentiful like something out of a magazine. 

Making people happy with our creations truly makes us happy, and we're endlessly inspired by nature and all the beauty that surrounds us in the world. Our mission is to create products that women can feel uniquely themselves in, and step out in bright, bold confidence.

We're located in two different states- (Janet lives in Massachusetts and Diana's in New Jersey) which sometimes can be a challenge logistically but with daily Zoom meetings we're able to make it all work!



Meet Diana

I’m a true water baby at heart, growing up swimming at my Nana’s lake house in the summer and always in the pool and ocean in Florida during winter. My dad wanted me to learn how to swim when I was about 3, and I had no choice but to sink or swim from then on! His nickname for me was Beach Bambs and Little Bambino-thus where the name of our company comes from. 

Every spring and summer once the weather started to get warmer I’d wake up and put a swimsuit on underneath my outfit. I think it somehow made me feel like I was always on vacation.

...I’ve had the entrepreneurial itch for as long as I can remember and in high school I started sewing pocketbooks and selling them at craft fairs and would make Halloween costumes and dresses for my friends.

I attended The School of Fashion Design in Boston and in 2010 moved to NYC to further pursue my fashion education. I then took a leap of faith in 2015 and set out to start a swimwear line-Bambina! My mom was my biggest fan and sounding board and would frequently travel to New York to help me with anything business related. We eventually made it official and now we’re legal partners :) 

All things summer, beach, and travel are what light me up and I’m also passionate about sustainability and being kind to our planet. (My birthday falls on Earth Day!). Making people happy truly makes me happy and I love being able to bring women happiness and confidence through our designs. 


Meet Janet

The natural world has always been a source of inspiration for me and I love animals, especially my Granddog Lulu!

I studied Environmental Science in college and was recycling way before it was cool, sometimes to the chagrin of my family and friends. I’m guided by my sense of responsibility to respect the one planet we all share...

An appreciation for the beauty in details has always influenced how I view the world. I love macro photography and how it allows me to observe nature’s artistry often overlooked by the naked eye. 

Creating, designing, and figuring out how things work and assembling them together is what brings me joy. From organizing everything in sight and helping friends with home decor projects, to refurbishing furniture, it’s the analysis and creative process that I love. 

What better way to further scratch my creative itch than to design beautiful garments that make women feel like the best version of themselves? And as an added bonus, I get to share my visions and build a company with my daughter. Win win!

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The original 'Bambinas' 
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