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Colorful Clothing on hangers in closet

Color Your Mood: A Wardrobe Guide to Confidence, Calmness, and Energy

Did you know that color psychology is at work every time you reach into your closet?...

Whether you're thinking “I need to be taken seriously at the meeting this morning” or “I can’t wait for a night out on the town”, the emotional impact that colors possess play an important role in how we visually communicate with the world. They have the power to affect our mood and transform our confidence, calm us down, and even give us energy. 

Color associations are deeply embedded in our brains from biological conditioning, cultural influences, and life in our natural surroundings. 

"Early humans knew that green in nature indicated a place where they could find food, water, and shelter." according to this article from VeryWellMind which explains the many meanings of the color green.

In Ayurvedic Science, color therapy (aka 'chromotherapy') teaches that "each color has a different vibrational energy and that their subtle energetics impact our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual bodies”. It explains how surrounding yourself with certain colors according to one’s Dosha (body composition) can create a harmonious balance within.

Traditional Chinese culture attributes the symbolic meaning of red to good luck and prosperity and white is associated with mourning. In contrast, in most Western cultures, the color red often symbolizes passion, love, and sometimes danger, and white with with purity and weddings.

"We're biologically wired to pay attention to bright colors because brightly colored animals or plants are often poisonous. We're drawn to red fruit over green fruit because the color indicates ripeness and sweetness." -Lindsay Kramer (Color meanings and the art of using color symbolism)

As you can see, color and mood are influenced by many factors, but there are certain generalities that hold true across diverse cultures...

colorful dahlia flower with white background

Let’s take a look at colors commonly found in our wardrobes and how they may influence how we feel when we wear them...


Confidence-Boosting Colors:

Whether it's an important presentation at work, an anticipated first date, or any occasion where you want to make an impression, choose one of these colors for a dose of confidence...

RED: closely associated with boldness and passion, a statement-making and powerful color 

NAVY BLUE: represents stability, tradition, and authority

EMERALD GREEN: evokes feelings of luxury and prosperity

BLACK: timeless, classic, professional, formal

ROYAL PURPLE: symbolizes royalty and sophistication 


Calming Colors: 

Need to relax a little? Maybe you're at the spa for the weekend, headed to yoga class, or just in the mood to chill-out. Choose one of these colors to feel cool, calm, and collected...

TEAL: calming yet rejuvenating, combines the effects of blue and green together

LAVENDER: gentle, soothing, evoking serenity 

LIGHT PINK: nurturing, conveys comfort 


Energizing Colors: 

Sometimes a little boost of positivity can go a long way! For a pick me up and a fun way to bring a little cheer to you and those around you, choose of of these hues...

ORANGE: represents enthusiasm, fearlessness, creativity

LIME GREEN: energizing, sparking feelings of liveliness and revitalization

YELLOW: signifies happiness, sunshine, and light 


So, have fun experimenting with color and getting dressed! Which colors resonate with you the most? Of course, it all comes down to personal preference and taste.
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