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5 Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs We Love


TRAVELING TO EXOTIC PLACES, EXPLORING NEW CITIES, AND EXPERIENCING DIFFERENT CULTURES are all things that make us feel alive. How can we feed our wanderlust spirit while being conscious of the impact that we have on the people and the places we visit? 

Take a look at these 5 amazing women whose lifestyle blogs show us that eco-friendly travel doesn't mean sacrificing luxury or the need to give up flying. 


1.  The Uprooted Rose

Rose Cornwell is passionate about travel, nature, ecotourism, and conservation. Her blog The Uprooted Rose is filled with beautiful images and stories about "people, places, and organizations that are making a positive change in our world". 

2.  Every Steph

Stefania Guglielmi's blog takes us on incredible journeys from a visit to glamorous tree houses around the world to France's eco-friendly Yves Rocher Spa. She also offers practical advice such as how to visit Los Angeles without a car and tips on traveling alone.

3.  Eco Traveller Green Travel Guide

Linda shares stories about people, resorts, and events that are shaping the world of eco-tourism. There are several posts about many beautiful United Nations UNESCO designated sites. Get festival ready and be sure to read the post  8 Eco-Friendly Music Festivals for Green-Minded Revellers.


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4.  The Green Suitcase

Misty's mission is to redefine travel and teach us how to "travel on purpose". Her post, "Travel Trend: Must Try Bathing Rituals & Traditions From Around The World" is a mandatory read on a cold winter's night. 

5.  A Jaunt With Joy

If you love outdoor adventure and wildlife you must visit Joy's blog. As she takes us to the most amazing places on the planet she aims to inspire and create environmental awareness along the way. She also shares her favorite gear, apparel, and photo equipment that she uses. 



Do you follow any bloggers that inspire and spark your travel lust? Just drop a comment below, we'd love to hear from you! 

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