The Brand

Bambina is an East Coast based women's swim and resort wear brand established in 2014. Originally designed as a fun mix and match bikini collection, Bambina is transitioning to bring you versatile, eco-friendly pieces that both inspire and captivate. We are committed to sourcing sustainable fabrics, transparency in our supply chain, and keeping production right here in NYC. Follow us on our journey as we strive to defy the stereo-type of eco fashion and bring you beautiful, quality clothing made with the utmost respect to Mother Earth and her inhabitants. 




Diana is a lifelong creative and lover of all things bright, bold, and vibrant. After graduating from fashion school, a move to NYC in 2010 ignited her passion to bring her designs to life. When she learned about the fashion industry's enormous environmental impact, she was determined to do things differently. Sustainability and style can coexist is her mantra. Diana loves nothing better than going for a long run, a good cup of coffee, snuggling with her dog, and dreaming about her next vacation. 



 Janet was a recycler way before it was cool. Passion for making the world greener and cleaner is in her bones and shows up in everything she does from growing organic vegetables to obsessive label reading. She loves great design and has a keen eye for detail. When Janet is not busy at Bambina bringing eco-friendly fashion to life she can be found organizing her closet by color, exploring city architecture and admiring pictures of her granddog Lulu. 
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